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We unlock bios password for all Sony laptop models with 16 characters

 4×4 hexadecimal digits 

  • Power on your laptop and wait for the password screen
  • Enter the wrong password three times
  • You will see a screen with KEY (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and you will be asked to enter ONETIME PASSWORD.
Send us your KEY that you want to unlock, laptop model or upload a photo with KEY appears and we will send you the password
A picture of code when a password appears is necessary in order to prevent any time delay in case of a typing error.
  • In Laptop: enter a calculated password, then push Enter key.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not power off the computer once you provide us with a password. There's a unique password for every system disabled.Don't turn off your notebook, don't restart it, don't enter anything except generated code.
You will be buying a Service and will receive a password, there is no need to ship your computer to us.

SONY ONETIME Password Unlock



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