You're about to buy a service designed for laptops/computers software modifications. Please note that in some countries it might be illegal. Therefore, purchase of this service is at your own risk. BiosUnlocker online store is not responsible for the further use of purchased services.

We are not a part of any Computer company, so we do not encourage stolen laptops or modifying any copyrights propriety by any way, we are only a 3rd party service team unlockers for people who need to reset their bios system which was locked by accident due to (forgotten paswords, Kids played with your laptop and locked it...). And you can not contact company support for some reasons : Out of guarantee, 2nd hand laptop....etc.


We support all servicetags 1D3B / 1F66 / BF97 ...


The solution for your bios locked Samsung
You will get the MASTER PASSWORD that will remove both administrator and primary (system) passwords. Tested on all Samsungs laptops, working is guaranteed.

TOSHIBA Response Code

ecra A11, Tecra S11, Satellite Pro S500, Portege M780, Tecra M11, Portege R700, Satellite R630, Qosmio F60


Note: The Challenge and Response Code makes it possible to bypass the BIOS password. Clearing must be done in the System Setup (BIOS).


Switch on the notebook, when the boot logo appears press [F2]. 

"Password=" will be display. 

Press keys in the order [CTRL], [TAB], [CTRL] and [ENTER].

The Serial number and Challenge code will be displayed. 

Take a picture of it, and send to me 


Please do not mix up "0" and "O" or "C" and "G" or "8" and "B".


Do not switch off the laptop or restart, cause response code ll change, NO REFUND if so


The solution for your bios locked ACER, You will get the  MASTER PASSWORD that will remove both administrator and primary (system) passwords. Tested on acer laptops, working is guaranteed.


ASUS laptops had almost same bios security which it rely on date , eg : 20121231

to generate correct password we need the date displayed on your  prompt screen.

Most models listed can be done :A4d/A4g/A6f/A7d/A8Sc/F2Hf/F3p


Lenovo ( Latest )

1- You send us the dumps of your coded lenovo

2- We send you patched one to write

3- You send us the code given by your laptop

4- We send you Unlock Code

5- You rewrite your originl dump again

6- Your laptop is Unlocked


For new sony laptop model that return a key : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx after 3 wrong passwords attempts, you will need to send us this key and keep your laptop powering on by AC adapter until we return you the password! if you not do, the next boot the key will change and the given password will not work!


APPLE: We unlock all pin icloud codes on iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air. From Oldies to 2014 Retina. For Technicians we have special service, just contact Us!


-5x4 decimal digits variants
-20digits xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
-8 digits Hexadecimal (D7A4B2EF)